AG Doll Craft: How To Make Books!!!!!!!!


What you will need:

Printer paper
Black construction paper
Printed image of the front and back of your book
Glue stick

                                                       So take your printed front and back.

                                                        Cut it out.

                                           Take your printer paper and cut out a loooong strip.

                   Using your front cover, fold the printer paper over to be a little bit bigger than the cover.

                                                       Fold it over like a fan.

                                            Until the end of the paper. Trip the edges to be even.


Glue on your front cover.

And then glue on your back cover.

Trip the pages to fit the cover.

Cut a strip of black construction paper.

Glue it on your book.

Your done!!

All of the books I made. Hope you enjoyed it!!

In a while!

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