The Picnic


        "This looks like a good spot!!" June called over her shoulder.

Josefina and Summer joined her, and they all helped set out the picnic blanket.

June passed out the food. Everyone had one tomato and one apple. There was also one big block of cheese they all had a couple bites from.

They cleaned up, and put the leftovers back in the bag.

Everyone took of there shoes and started to do some kind of activity.

Josefina did math homework.

Summer read book.

Everyone decided it was time to go home.

And before anyone could get up, Summer was up and was walking home.

In her hastiness, Summer didn't notice a big branch, and tripped over it!! OH NO!!!!

June and Josefina ran to help her...

They carried her up the steps,

And put her in bed.
(Don't mind the toes!)

After a little while, Summer woke up, 

And June and Josefina were so so so happy, that they started to get in the bed too!!

The End!!!!

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