A Downton Abbey Party


Hello everyone!
Last night, my mom threw a Downton Abbey Party.

I myself don't usually watch Downton Abbey,
but sometimes I sneak downstairs when my mom is watching it. ;)
However, I do watch a Masterpiece Theater show called 
Larkrise To CandleFord.
I have also watched Cranford, which unfortunately only
had 2 seasons. :(
But anyhow,  back to Downton Abbey. :)

Here is the table without the food. :)

Table settings.

The foooooddd!!!!!! We had soup (I forgot what type it was),
baked fish, butter chicken, and lots of other yummy stuff.

Do you watch Downton Abbey or any other Masterpiece Theater

In a while!

 photo rect5723_zpsd0a718e6.png


  1. I love Downton, but am very behind this season. Hope you had fun at the party. I also like Mystery - especially when it's an Agatha Christie.


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