More Writing + Mini Monday Info


Hello everyone! Aliah again with a new piece of writing!

"Mama! What's going on?" I shrieked.
"Shhhh." She whispered. "They've found us."
"Who's found us?" I asked.
"I will explain later," she said. "But for now, just keep this safe." She pressed a
blue pen into my little hand. "Stay here." She started to get up.
"Mama wait!" I cried. "Where are you going?"
"No where," she said. "Just stay here. I'll be right back."
But I never saw her again.

Well, that was it. Any suggestions to improve are welcome. :) 
    As I promised before, here is some more info about Mini Monday. :)

Mini Monday:

I know last time I did a weekly/day theme (whatever you call it) I didn't really 
stick to it. But this time you can expect a post on a Monday that has something 
to do with mini dolls every 1-2 weeks. 
Mini Monday is basically a mini doll blog expect it will only be posted about on 1 
specific day. (If that makes sense.)
It will include crafts, photo-stories, photo-shoots, anything as long as it has
something to do with mini dolls.
You can expect a fun mini doll photo-story coming up 
this Monday. :)
Remember, once I reach 30 followers I will have a giveaway!
Make sure to follow and share my blog!

In a while!!

 photo rect5723_zpsd0a718e6.png

A pretty picture to brighten up the post. :)

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