Saint Patrick's Day Craft: Clover Hair Clip


Hello everyone!! I promised you guys that I would have a Saint Patrick's Day craft at the end of the day so here it is!

I will be showing you how to make this clover/leaf hair clip! Your dolls could wear this today to make sure they don't get pinched! Unfortunately I did not have a fake clover 
so I had to use a leaf, but that's O.K. :)

You will need:
2 fake clovers or leaves
A bobby pin or hair clip
And a hot glue gun

Take your leaf/clover and put dots of glue on it.
Stick the other leaf/clover on top of it.

Now grab your hair clip/bobby pin.

Put glue on it...

And stick your leaves/clovers on top of it.

Your done!!

It's so simple to make AND your doll won't get pinched!
Tomorrow you'll be able to see what my dolls were up to for Saint Patrick's Day. :)

In a while!!

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