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Today is the official start of Autumn!
I'm so happy! The weather here has already gotten a bit chilly, and I'm looking forward to
 spending more time outside.

I made dis. ;) No stealing! Give me credit if you use it.

In honor of this special occasion, I wrote this little poem:

Goodbye, Summer.
Goodbye to sunny days and the green grass.
Goodbye to sand between my fingers
 And waves lapping against my feet.
The clear sky and butterflies.
The summer sun beating high 
and carefree days with everyone.

Hello Autumn.
Hello to cloudy days and yellow grass.
Hello to raindrops falling against my window
And reading inside on my bed.
The crisp air and apple pie.
Fallen leaves flying high,
And long walks under the sky.

I hope you enjoyed. :) 

You'll never believe what I saw this morning.
In our backyard, my mom and I saw 2 beautiful cardinals swooping down and 
chasing each other. It looked like they where playing tag. :)

They looked almost exactly like this except it
wasn't snowing outside. ;)
I have some good news! In exactly a week's time my mother and I will be taking a
 trip to the beach. Isn't that wonderful? 
I have been looking forward to this for months. We are going with our home-school group, so all my friends will be there. :D We will be going from Tuesday to Saturday.
Believe it or not, the house we are renting is about a 15 min walk to the beach AND it has it's own hot tub and swimming pool! :D :D
I will be able to take a whole bunch of pics and do lots of blog posts because I will be taking those days off from school! (I will still have to do a small amount of math, :( but that's about it.)
The downside is that the house is several hours away from where we live, so I will be stuck in the car for quite a while. Not the nicest place to be. 
Anyways, I just wanted to let you people know in case I suddenly start talking about
 random stuff about our trip. :P

I feel like this post needs something. Hmmmmm.....How about another tag? I know I've 
done a lot lately, but I really love doing them so.....

Gods of Olympus Book Tag:

1. Zeus: Name your favorite fictional leader, good or bad?
Harry Potter! Duhh!!

2. Hera: Who are your favorite fictional parents?
The Weasleys. I mean, who doesn't like the Weasleys?

3. Demeter: What fictional food would you like to try?
Hmmmmm. Butterbeer probably. Or chocolate frogs. Lol.

4. Poseidon: Name a book where water is central, either in setting or plot.
Percy Jackson series. Because ya know.. he's Poseidon's son.

5. Dionysus: Which character would you most like to have a party with?
Lizzie Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

6. Apollo: Either, name a great debut book (so an author's first published work) or 
name a first book in a series you really enjoyed.
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling.

7. Artemis: Who is your favorite female heroine? 
Either Hermione Granger from Harry Potter or Alanna from 
The Song of The Lioness series by Tamora Pierce.

8. Athena: Name a character who is wise. 

Annabeth! I mean c'mon. She's Athena's daughter! Or Hermione. ;)

9. Hermes: If you could travel to any fictional setting (real world or fantasy)
 where would you go?
Obviously Hogwarts.

10. Hephaestus: If you could have any fictional tool made (for example a weapon 
or a gadget), what would you want?
A wand! So I can do magic. O_o

11. Ares: What is your favorite fictional battle?
There are so many.... But I'd have to go with The Battle of Hogwarts. 
That. Was. Epic.
12. Aphrodite: What is your ultimate ship (the characters do not have to be from
 the same book)?
Leo and Calypso for Percy Jackson. ;)

13. Hades: If you could petition Hades to bring any fictional character back from the dead who would you choose?
Dobby definitely. I cried so much when he died. ;( 

14. Final question(s): If you could be a God/ Goddess of anything what would you want to be and what do you think would fit your personality? These do not have to be the same.
Hecate, the goddess of magic. Or the goddess of reading if there is one. ;)

Well, that's all for now! I hope you guys enjoyed. :)

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  1. Have fun at your trip to the beach!<3
    I love your tags haha:) Btw, I've finished the chapter for your writing contest if you would just like to check it out:)
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

  2. Awww thank you! :) Haha, me too. :D I read your entry and it was amazing! Thanks for participating. ;)

  3. Oh, please enjoy yourself! Can you say what beach? Just wondering. :) Great tags, and I totally love that pic and poem you wrote! It was so awesome! :) Good job, and don't get sunburned!


    1. Awww, thank you! I'm sure I will. :) No, I'd rather not. :) It's in North Carolina though. :) Thank you again! It means a lot to me. :) I'm sure I won't. :P I usually get tanned though. :) Thanks again!

  4. I love your new look! :)

    Following you now! :)


  5. Autumn is one of my most favourite times of year! And I love the poem aswell!


  6. I absolutely love Autumn! It is my favorite season, and I really liked your poem. Totally described Autumn perfectly. I wrote my first non-Dr. Suess style poem about the season too. haha anyways. Glad I found your blog! Looks really nice! :)

    Tara xx
    (aka BeWeirdAlways)


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