A Poem- The Pearl


Hello people! 
I had to do a little poem for Language Arts, and I was actually quite pleased
with what trickled out of my pen. For Language Arts I am currently reading The Pearl
and I was supposed to write a poem inspired by the descriptive words of the author (John Steinbeck).
Enough rambling and let's get on to the poem! :)

Seaweed softly swaying, 
Seashells crunching underfoot, 
Tiny crabs crawling through the sand,
While all this time,
Sitting quietly, 
The Pearl silently waits.

I know this poem isn't very good, and I must admit, I am much better at writing 
stories than poems. I also have some pictures here that have something to do with the poem.

All images via Pinterest

In a while!!


  1. Wonderful poem! I would love to read more of your writing!

    1. Thank you! Your poems are much better though. :) You might want to check the labels writing and writing piece if you would like to see more of my writing. ;)


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