Chapter 2 of My Story + CACAWC UPDATE!!!


Hello! I have been working on my story recently, and
 I have completed chapter 2. :)
You can click here to see the first chapter. ;)

Chapter 2

My heart was heavy as I nervously looked around the clearing.
Where was Celia? I asked myself. She was never late, and I was beginning to worry that they had found her.
Perhaps I should just go back. I thought. If they found out we were trying to escape, the punishment would be horrible. They would torture us like never before; putting fearsome thoughts in our minds and sending jolts of electricity through our bodies.
Although it would mean disobeying Celia, I knew that she would eventually forgive me, but they never would.
I decided that disobeying Celia would be better than being tortured over and over again, and so I turned back.
“Where do you think you’re going?” A booming voice suddenly asked.
Fear rushed through my veins, and my heart started to thud faster and louder than ever before. I knew I was caught.
At least they wouldn’t hurt Celia. I told myself.
Yes, but they will hurt you. Another voice said. I shook my head.
It can’t be that bad, I thought.
 Nothing can be much worse than what they’ve already done.
I started to run. I just wanted to get away from this place, away, somewhere they’d never find me.
I was almost to the end of the clearing.
Almost there, I told myself. Just a little bit more, and you’ll be somewhere they’ll never ever find you. Or would they? I pushed the negative thought into the back of my mind.
“Stop right there!” Another voice bellowed.
I turned and saw five of them. They were on their black horses, and they were galloping across the clearing so quickly that they were almost upon me.
I suddenly skidded to a halt. The beginning and end of the forest was in front of me. Closing my eyes, embedding this moment in my mind, savoring it, I stepped into the safety of the trees.
For a moment, nothing happened. But then, a blinding light was everywhere. It was so bright I felt like I was looking directly into the sun and I was forced to close my eyes.
Once I was sure the light was gone, I opened them.
And all I saw was blue.


Far away, in a place no one knew really existed, a blackwing swooped down onto a low branch. In his giant beak he held a small carved box. A very precious, very important small carved box.
The blackwing knew that the king would be angry if he was detained, but even so, the blackwing was so exhausted his wings were drooping.
He had never wanted to do this job for the king, but he had been chosen for it. And that meant he had to do it. Unless, of course, he wanted to suffer immensely. It had taken him over a week to fly to the Dark city, and now he had to be at the Nest in only five days.
The blackwing had received a message from the king that if he was not back with the box in five days time, he would suffer dire consequences when he got back.
And so, the blackwing flew off into the mist, not knowing that he was not the only one on that tree.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. :) 
I also have and update for CACAWC. The challenge will now end on
the 25th of December instead of the 22nd of December.
So now, if you write a chapter every week following each set of
 challenges, you should have 17 chapters in your novel.  
If you want, you can add a few more chapters to your story, but I just 
thought I should give you a heads so you could begin to plan out your
 novel a bit more. :)
If you are participating, thank you so so much. If you're not and
 would like to, please visit the CACAWC page at the top of my blog. :)
Again, thank you all for everything.


  1. Oh goodie, thank you for the update! :) Awesome story, I see a very talented author in your future. ;)


  2. You're a brilliant writer!:)
    I love your blog, it's gorgeous!
    -Lauren xoxo

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