I've noticed that a lot of the posts I've been doing recently have been new 
challenges for the CACAWC, my novel and award/tags. 
I feel like I need to have more variety. What do you guys think?
I have a DIY coming up (I will post it as soon as I actually finish making it. Lol.).
I'm really kind of out of ideas. Any suggestions?

I've also been feeling kind of down lately. 
I've been piled high with homework so I haven't had much time to post.
To encourage me to post more often, I'm going to get a new design.
I haven't ordered anything yet, I'm still browsing other blogs looking at their designs 
and trying to decide what I want. I'm thinking black, white and yellow 
or creams, blues and browns.
I'm afraid I have to go now. 

See you soon,


  1. A new design would be a good change...

  2. A change is not that bad. I used to do it when I feel like it's being kind of boring or what. But I love how it looks now.

    Hoping to see you hop in my blog!! Check out my new post and tell me something about it!!! :)

    HIATUS and BOOKS // Midnight Blues


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