I was always a happy child. I enjoyed seeing the light shine through the leaves and and hearing the colorful birds saying good morning to each other. I would smell the flowers in the meadows and feel the gentle breeze against my cheeks. People would sometimes say I was gifted; not in math or science, but seeing the beauty in everything. The beauty some were not able to see. I loved everyone and everything and always saw the light shining through them no matter how unkind they were. Well, I did not love all. There was one thing I feared and hated. The Darkness. It would haunt me in my dreams and hide in the shadows when others were not looking. I promised myself I would never succumb to the Darkness. Never have hate in my heart and never let the shadows take over my spirit. But alas, never say never.


"If posts are the brain of a blog, then comments must be it's heart."

I love receiving and reading your comments, but please make sure to be considerate of other's feelings.