DIY: Butterfly Candle Holder


I spent this whole weekend at my older sister's house. We both love doing DIY's, and had quite a few planned for this weekend, and this one being one of my favorites, I decided to share how we made them!

For the Butterfly Candle Holders you will need the following supplies:

- Modpodge glue
- Butterfly templates (we got ours from here)
- An old book
- A glass jar or bottle
- Scissors
- A pen or pencil (I would recommend using a pen)  
- Tape (optional)
- A painting sponge brush 

I know it's not something to be proud of, but we did rip a few pages out of an old book for this project.

1. Start by cutting out your butterfly templates. You can use one or 5; it's your choice. We used 4 different templates. 
2. Find the spot where you want your butterfly to be and start tracing your template. Try to use the paper wisely and fit 2 or more butterflies on a page at once. 
3. I would recommend letting the ink dry for a few seconds (if you used a pen) before you start to cut out your butterfly. You don't want the ink to get smudged. 
4. Start cutting out your butterfly. Though it seems a bit odd, I prefer to use the tiny kids scissors for this kind of thing, because they are easier to maneuver around the lines.  

5. Once you've cut out all your butterflies, you can pose them onto your jar or bottle with tape. This step is, of course, optional.

6. Take all your little butterflies off of the jar and start painting it with a thin layer of modpodge.

7. Quickly stick your butterflies onto the jar before the modpodge dries. Make sure to press them down flat because you don't want any bumps or wrinkles in your paper.
8. Apply another coat of modpodge on top of the butterflies to stick them firmly onto the glass and give the whole thing a more finished look.
9. Let your candle holders dry and then you can stick a cute tea light in there and your done!

Some of you may have noticed that I changed up my design a little bit. I love it so much because it's so springy and simple. 
Make sure to let me know if you decide to make this project and send me a picture!

What's your favorite kind of DIY project?


  1. What a creative DIY! Ah, ripping pages out of an old book... I cringe when books are harmed, but at least you did it for the good of a DIY.

    xoxo Morning

  2. Thank you Morning! I feel the same way, so I had my sister rip them out. And I covered my eyes. Lol.

  3. Such a good idea! I definitely want to try doing this, though I don't want to harm any books in the process. Maybe I could photocopy a page and cut that instead...? <3

    1. Oh, that's great idea! I wish I had tried that. Perhaps I would feel less guilty...

  4. Those look lovely, Aliah! I'm looking forward to more beautiful DIY posts. xx

    1. Aww, thank you Tane! I will be sure to post some more in the future. ;)


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