Interview With Jordan Sky!


Hello my lovelies! It's been exactly 14 days since I last posted *gasp*. Bad blogger right?

Anyways, I recently had the opportunity to interview the remarkable and brilliant Jordan from Hidden. She is amazing at what she does, and is one of the most talented and accomplished bloggers I know.
I was really excited she agreed to let me interview her, and got to work right away. ;) Special thanks to Jordy for allowing this to happen! :)

Q. "Hello Jordy! I'm so happy that you were able to join us today! Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself; your personality, hobbies, and anything else you would like to share."

A. "Bonjour, mes amis!
Well, my name is Jordan Sky, but most everyone calls me Jordy. I'm a fifteen-year-old aspiring author and photographer living in Southern California. Being home-schooled has given me the extra free-time to work on the things I'd potentially like to do for a living one day, such as writing and taking photographs. And blogging has given me the opportunity to share both with you."

Q. "I would like to start off with the usual questions: what inspired your blog and when did you decide you wanted to create your own blog?"

A. "Back in early 2012, I'd gotten into crafting and American girl dolls. Having seen websites dedicated to both, I asked my parents if I was allowed to start a blog. Thus came into being, my very first true place on the Internet titled: "I'm Not Crazy Crafts." Once I grew out of this faze, I joined multiple collabs as well as started a plethora of my own blogs; all of which did not last more than a month. It was no longer inspiring to do something that no one was looking at anyways. Hidden was sort of my last shot at trying to get into a community I really hadn't before."

Q. "You mentioned that you enjoy both writing and photography. If you couldn’t do both and had to give up either writing or photography for the rest of your life, which one would you pick and why?"

A. "Well, though at the moment I'm going through a sort of "dry-spell" in the writing department, I'd have to say- if I had to give up one- photography. Writing, no matter where I am or what I end up doing, will always be my biggest passion, as well as the most useful in the long run, I believe."

Q. "So you live in Southern California! If you ever got a chance in the future, would you ever move somewhere else? Why?"

A. "Yes! Where I live in SoCal, I'm in not only a very prime area, but an amazing neighborhood. Though I enjoy being so close to everything, and living in such a nice house, I'd have to say that I will definitely move at some point in the future (when I'm old enough to do so, that is).
I have only been to two other states besides the one I currently live in, but honestly, right now I'm thinking I belong in Oregon- specifically Astoria. I hate hot weather and would take nature over the mall any day of the week."

Q. "What do you enjoy most about photography, and what inspired you to start taking pictures?"

A. "Definitely being able to show people, who may be insecure, that they've never truly seen themselves the way the rest of us can. I like showing them that they have a lovely smile, or thoughtful eyes. Those rewarding moments when they blush at their photos, realizing that they are gorgeous, no matter the standards of what is pretty and what is not- that's why I take pictures. 
I think the inspiration to take pictures comes from experiences that I wish to hold onto forever." <3

Thank you so much for doing this Jordy. It means a lot. :)


  1. Lovely interview! I love Southern California; I'd love to visit it again. I kind of want to venture out, too; I'm hoping that I can go to a university on the East coast. I love the culture there. ^.^

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thank you! I've only been to California twice, but I was younger the first time, so I can't really remember. I would definitely come back though! :)

  2. I was like, "Hey, someone else has my name. That's cool."
    And then I was like, "Oh, that's me."
    lol, thank you for interviewing me! I had so much fun!

  3. Loved this interview!
    ~Leah <3

  4. I found two new blogs today! :) Very insightful questions and answers, from both girls.
    ~ Sanjana


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