What's In My Travel Carry-On?


Image via Pinterest, editing done by Aliah.

For a young person, I travel quite often, and have over time, begun to learn the vast extent of traveling knowledge. Learning how to pack only light necessities can be difficult, and so I thought of sharing a "What's In My Bag?" (type of) travel version post with all my lovely readers.

A Book 
Books are a must-have anywhere, especially on a plane. I usually bring one paper-back book (don't ever bring a hardcover on a trip; they're way to heavy), and the rest I check out from the e-book library on my tablet. That way, the books won't get damaged, I still get the feel of the pages on my fingers, and I save space and reduce the weight of my carry-on.

My Tablet
Useful for checking your email at the airport, social media (I don't have a phone), books, and is similar to a laptop. Unless you are going for a business trip and absolutely need a laptop, I wouldn't suggest bringing a one on a trip. They weigh a lot and inconvenience you if you're in a hurry. Bring a tablet or i-Pad instead.

I don't normally use earphones because they are to large for me, especially on a trip. Earbuds on the other hand, are compact and great for listening to music on an i-Pod or phone. They can also be used to watch movies if your airline provides a built-in seat television. Plus, this saves you an extra five bucks if you buy earbuds on the plane.

A Blanket
Airplanes have always been chilly to me, even if I turn off the seat air conditioning. I don't really have to explain the purpose of a blanket, do I? :)

Neck Pillow
You might often get uncomfortable during the flight because airplane seats don't have the best neck/head support, right?

The plane usually provides some drinks and snacks such as chips, nuts, or cookies/crackers, but say you don't really like what they have or are allergic to something. It's always good to have some dry cereal, chex-mix, or fruit (such as an apple or tangerine) on hand in case you get hungry.

A Notebook
You're always gonna need something to write on no matter what, right? If I feel like working on a poem or short-story, I won't have to write it on a napkin. Oh, and make sure to bring along a pen or pencil! :)

All right, there you have it! Those are my basic travel essentials. What are yours? 



  1. Yup, you pretty much summed up my essentials, too. Another one of my essentials is lip balm, because plain air dries out my lips super fast.


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