When everything was golden


I can still remember,
When everything was golden.
When we used to splash
in the puddles together,
And when when we would catch
Each other when we nearly fell
From the trees we were climbing.
I can still remember
When the grass was high in fields,
And when we would prance about,
Worryless and full of hope.
When everything was golden,
Far back in my forest of memories,
We were always together, inseperable.
But now, you are gone, and without you I am lost.
When everything was golden, 
You were there.
You were the sun and I was the moon ,
And together we made everything golden.


  1. Love it! You write amazing poems. And that picture is so neat!

  2. You didn't believe me when I told you - but you are truly such an inspiration! x Your poetry has an unique way of moving me... just like it's supposed to do.
    ~ Sanjana

  3. Beautiful poetry, and a beautiful picture! You have so much talent! Keep up the good work!


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