There Is A Tree Outside My Window


I love trees. I used to climb this small little tree at my sister's house when I was younger, but eventually I outgrew the little branches and discovered another one in the front yard which promptly became my new play thing. I used it's branches as make-believe seats and built a pretend fire beside it's roots. I still climb it sometimes.

There was a lovely old pine outside my window. It wasn't strong and tall like the one I used to climb, but it's many branches overlapped and billowed in the wind. It broke my heart when that old pine fell down. Leaning against the glass from which I once looked out on it with it's roots up in the air so pitifully.

It's brothers and sisters looked down on it with woeful glances. It's branches snapped, it's core laying on the dirt when it should be standing tall and proud. It will be gone soon; dragged away to make way for a new tree to take it's place. I'll miss that lovely sight outside my window.


  1. This is beautiful and heartbreaking and so real. ♥ Like, wow. Yes.


    1. Thank you so much Abbiee! You have no idea how much that means to me. <3


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