Ok, I have not posted a photo story in a while... I promise I will post a craft next week!!

It all started when Summer decided to go outside and do her homework.

She settled down beside a tree and opened her binder.

She started to do her math....

and her history..
Then she was done!! YAY!!

She went downstairs to go see what Saige and Josefina were doing.

It turned out, they were playing a game of  Suspend.
Summer: "Hi, where's June?"
Saige: "I think she's still sleeping."
Summer: "Oh, can I join you guys?"
Josefina and Saige: "Sure!!"

30 minutes later.....

Summer: "This is getting boring. Do you want to do something else?"

Josefina: "Like what?"
Summer: "I dunno, dress-up?"
Saige: "Sure why not?"
Josefina: "Yes, let's!"

Saige: "Onward!!"

Summer: "I think this is all of Aliah's dress-up stuff."
Josefina: "Me first!!"
Summer: "No me!!"
Saige: "Let's just dump it."

Summer: "Hey, I'm buried!!"
All 3: Giggles.

Summer: "Look, bunny ears!!"
Saige:  "There's 2!!"
All 3: Giggles.

Summer: "We look funny!"
All 3: Giggles.

Summer: "I like this scarf."

Saige: "Look, it's a shoe!!"

Josefina: "These 3-D glasses don't work!!"
Summer: "That's because you need a 3-D movie silly!!"
Josefina: "I knew that!"
All 3: Giggles.

Saige: "Look, I'm wearing nerdy glasses!!"

Summer: "Look at all the pretty necklaces and the smelly perfume!!"

Saige: "It's a pom-pom!!"

Josefina: "This fan is fuzzy!!"

Summer: "Oh, cool, ice skates!! And I like this sweater!!"

Saige: "This dress is gorgeous!!  I think I'll wear it!!"

Josefina: "I like this apron!!"

Saige: "How do I look?"
Josefina: "Stunning."
Summer: "The sleeves are a bit to big and puffy...."
Saige: "It's supposed to look that way silly!!"
Summer: "In that case..... Beautiful!!!"
All 3: Giggles.

Josefina: "I'm a maid!! Do you like my broom?"

Summer: "I'm a famous ice skater!!"

Saige: "And I'm a princess!!"

45 minutes later...

Josefina: Sighs. "That was fun."
Saige: "I agree."
Summer: "Yep that was fun!!"

June: "Hi girls!! Did I miss anything?"
Summer: "Nope, nothing."
All 3: Giggles.

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           Aliah, Summer, Saige, Josefina, and June

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  1. loved this dress up post! what a good story!:-)


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