How It All Began.... Part 3


Ok, ok, I'll admit it, I'm getting lazy. The how I got Josefina post was nothing compared to the how I got June post, and this will be nothing compared to them. And I'm not doing a how I got Saige post because I just saved up enough money to buy from the AG store. So, here it goes!!

It was August 2011 and we going to meet up with some of my mom's friends at a restaurant. One my mom's friends had a daughter around my age, so we played together for a while. Then, my mom's other friend came, and brought a HUGE gift bag with her. She put it under the table and told me it was for me and not to open now so the other little girl would not feel bad. The whole time, I was dying to open the bag and see what was in there. I managed to keep my hands busy so they wouldn't go and unexpectedly open the bag. FINALLY it was time to go, and I was itching to open the bag. We got in the car, and I opened the bag. I stared. And a BEAUTIFUL DOLL STARED BACK AT ME!!! I named her Summer. 
Summer arrived in jeans and a black exclusive T-shirt. Next to her, was a VERY pretty white dress with flowers and pink sandals. You can see the dress here. She also came with a tennis outfit. 

And that's how I got my first 3 AG dolls!! 

  Stay tuned for one more post I will have before tomorrow!! And remember, once I have 15  followers I will have a giveaway!! 

                                            In a while!!

                                                         Aliah and Summer

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