How It All Began..... Part 2


Hiya girls!! This is going o be part 2 of how I got my dolls. The last post I did was about how I got June. This one is going to be about how I got Josefina, and maybe if it is not to long I will also write about how I got Summer. We got a lot to do and not a lot of time. As you know, I am only allowed to post on Saturdays and Sundays so we have about 3-4 posts to do and one day. So lets get started!!

It was June 2011, almost a year after I got June, and my mom and I were huddled in bed looking at stuff on eBay. I asked my mom search American girl dolls because I wanted to see if they sold any online for cheaper than the regular price. When we searched it, there were hundreds of dolls some for hundreds, some for the regular prices and some for under 60! We looked through a couple pages, and one doll popped up. Josefina. I had seen her in the catalogs and thought she was a bit like me because she was Hispanic while I was half Hispanic. It took quite a lot of convincing, but I finally managed to convince my mom to enter a $40 dollar bid on her. The current bid was about $30 and there was still 5 days left to bid. Just like me previous doll, my mom said I had absolutely NO chance of winning, but I though that I might a chance because I won once, so why not twice? Almost a week later, we were sitting down to eat, (I know this is very odd, but I got my first 3 dolls while sitting down to eat dinner) and my mom was checking her email. She suddenly gasped, and I asked her what had happened. She told me that our bid was the highest, and we had won Josefina. I gasped too, and ran over to see. I was soooooo EXCITED!!! A couple days later, a package arrived on our doorstep. I opened it, and their she was!! Josefina she did not come in her meet outfit, she came in her holiday outfit, but only her dress. We bought her meet out fir separately. I actually expected her to be brand new, but she was in pretty good condition, though her was not. It was literally a birds nest. I did manage to fix it up a little bit, though its still VERY TANGLED. I think I might send her to the doll hospital.

         Stay tuned for how I got Summer!!(I will not be doing a post on how I got Saige because I just got her from the American girl doll store.)

                                         In a while!!!!

                                                    Aliah and Josefina

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