MY TRIP TO THE AG DOLL STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 3


This is the last part!!


Say goodbye to Molly and Emily!! :(

Kit and Ruthie!!

I apologize for the lighting!!


My Saige about to be opened!!

June can't wait to see her new sister!!

Saige, June, and my Saige!!

We went to the bistro, and my mom got a cappuccino.

I got Saige's Summer Smoothie.

Saige and June drinking their orange juice.

Saige, Saige, and Saige again!! (We took couple of pics after the bistro!!)

Kit and her school set!!

Molly and Emily!!! 

I hope you enjoyed our trip to the AG doll store!!

 In a while!!

                         Aliah, June, and Saige

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