Hi everyone!!!

I have something new to announce!!!  My best friend (Sasa, is her nickname!!) and I have been talking, and we've decided to start a new program called Sew-It-Sunday!! In this program, we will post how to make little doll sized plushies!!! Most of our work will be inspired by a youtuber TammyHallam, but some things will be inspired by different tubers, or by ourselves. We will post every time Sasa comes over to my house. We will not be able to post EVERY Sunday, (because she doesn't come over every Sunday!!) but we'll try our best to post as often as possible.  Our goal is to always work on the plush together.  Today I will be introducing our first plushie on Sew-It-Sunday: the  S'MORE!!!

                   How to make a s'more plushie:

You will need:

Brown felt
Tan felt
Black felt
White felt
Tan thread
Brown thread
White thread
And a needle

Step 1.  Using your tan felt, Cut 4 equal pieces making sure they are all the same size!! I would suggest using 1 inch.
Step 2: Using your brown felt, cut 2 pieces the same size as your tan squares.

Step 3: Using your white felt, cut 4 white strips, and 8 small little circles making sure they fit in your brown and tan 1 inch squares.

 Step 4: (Optional) Take your black thread and sew 2 little eyes on 1 of your tan squares.

Step 5: (Optional) Sew a little mouth.....

Step 6: Take your brown squares and using the blanket stitch sew all along the edge, sewing the 2 squares together.

Step 7: Repeat the step with your tan squares. (don't mind the white circles!!!)

Step 8: To make the marshmallows, take 1 of your little circles and 1 of your white strips and using the blanket stitch sew it together.

This is what it looks like when you're done with the first circle.
Step 9: Take another little white circle and sew it on top. (optional) You can also stuff the marshmallow as you're sewing along, like we did. This helps it keep its shape.

All your finished pieces!!! 
Step 10: Sew it all together and you're done!!! 

You'refinished product!!

We are so, so, so, so sorry if we did not explain this tutorial very well. It is a bit complicated, so
here is a link to the video by TammyHallam. We just followed her instructions, but re-sized the s'more for an AG doll.

We hope you enjoyed our first Sew-It-Sunday post!! Comment or 1+ if you have any plushie requests or enjoyed this and would like more!!

In a while!!

                     Aliah and Sasa

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