So sorry I have not been posting and more news......


Hiya everyone!! This is Saige on behalf of my sisters and Aliah. We are all VERY sorry we have not posted for sooooooooooooooo long.
We will all now take a solemn oath.

"We promise that we will all try our very best to post everyday
We promise we will never again leave you for so long
And lastly, we promise to have the best of giveaways, the best of crafts, the best of
photo stories, and the best of photo shoots."

There!! We all have taken the 'solemn oath.' Oh, and by the way, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! (even though it is a bit late...) We were going to post a few crafts for Thanksgiving, but unfortunately, we did not have enough time. However, we will try to post them even though it is a bit late. You can always use them for next year right? I am also hoping to go to the American Girl place for Cyber Monday, since I was not able to go for Black Friday. I will post about it if I go. ;) And, last but certainly not least, I went to the American Girl place about 2 weeks ago, (yes I do live very near a store. About 30 min I think. I am able to go quite often). and I will blog about what I got.
Some more upcoming posts: How to make pumpkin pie, Sew-it-Sunday, and much much more!!!

                                          In a while!!!

                                                         Aliah, June, Josefina, Summer, and Saige

P.S. I also won a giveaway from funwithagfan and once I get the package, I will do a review on it. ;) And remember, once we get 15 followers, we will have a AWESOME giveaway!! I got it all planed out ;) 5 more followers too go!!

Just a nice pic :)

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