Review on the items I got from the AG place + news on Cyber Monday


                                                Hey doll lovers!! This is Saige again, and today I am going to model and review the things we got from the AG store about 2 weeks ago. Sorry we couldn't get it to you sooner :(

Here are all the things we got.

The first thing we got was the Poncho Purchase with Purchase. You can only get if you spend $50 or more. This was $10, and you can only get it till December 31st so HURRY!!!

Here it is outside the bag. It comes with a light pink headband and a white poncho. I will model and review all the things at the end.

The next thing we got were my accessories.  This was $28.

These are the accessories outside the box.  Like I said before, I will model everything at the end.

The third thing I got was Molly's Skates and Muffs.  
This was originally $22, but it was on sale for $15 that week.

These are skates, earmuffs and hand muff outside the box.

Next, we have Saige's Tunic Outfit!
This was also $28.

Here it is outside the box. 

Here I am modeling the outfit!  Don't I look nice!

The shirt has velcro all the way down.  Very useful.

The pants have a bit of velcro on the front to make it easier to put on.  
Also, the waist has some stretch to it.

This belt with decorative beads also has some stretch to it.

I love the exquisite details on the shirt.  It was one of the main reasons I got this outfit.  

The pants are white jean fabric and are great for mixing and matching.

These shoes are also great for mixing and matching since they are solid color.  
The sole is regular plastic, so not to be used for hiking.

They are a brilliant magenta color which plays off of the detailed embroidery 
on the tunic and the beads on the belt. .

Moving on to the poncho purchase with purchase.

It is made out of white knitted fabric with a beautiful cable knit running diagonally across the poncho.

Just like the blue tunic, it has velcro all the way down to make it easier to put on.

I love the embroidered pink and silver snowflakes on the top right of the poncho.
It is such a delicate touch!

Despite all its lovely features, this poncho snags very easily so BEWARE.

The poncho is a turtleneck to keep your neck warm on those windy, chilly nights.

The next item in the poncho purchase with purchase is the soft and
 fuzzy light pink headband with a bow on the top.

You can choose to put it over your ears for extra warmth or
 behind them to show off your earrings like I did. 

Moving on to Molly's Skates and Muffs.

The hand muff is made out of a plush white, furry fabric.

The inside is covered in silky satin fabric.  
There is enough room inside to put both of your hands in and stay extra toasty.

Next.  Ear muffs.

The headband is covered in the same silky satin as the inside of the hand muff.

The actual ear muff is also covered in the same furry fabric as the outside of the hand muff.

Again the inside of the ear muff is covered in the same satiny fabric.

I have always wanted a pair of ice skates.  Instead of getting the $48 set from American Girl, we decided to get Molly's Skates and Muffs which also includes a pair of darling ice skates.

The top part of the ice skate is covered in the same furry fabric to keep your ankles warm. 
 However, the color is a shade creamier than the color of the ear and hand muffs.

The blade is real metal and you can accompany your human to the ice skating rink for some figure skating!

Side view.

These skates are rather difficult to lace up; that is why I did not put them on to model.

Lastly, my accessories.

It comes with  a four strand red, beaded bracelet.  This is Aliah's mom's favorite accessory.

However, the clasp is extremely difficult to close and needs to be redesigned.

I absolutely love this beaded turquoise necklace and the golden medallion is a favorite of mine.

It has the same type of clasp as the bracelet, but it is easier to put on because there is a lot more room than on the wrist.

When I first got this purse the strap was very twisted up.  
I worked on it quite a bit to straighten it out, but despite that you can see
 that it continues to be a bit twisted.

I love the detail on the flap.  The bottom of the purse is red fabric, 
but the top is faux leather with a printed geometric design.

 The top flap has velcro to keep valuable items secure.  Lovely and easy to use. 

It is very spacious inside.  It holds several copies of the books I recently picked up at the library.
(You can see how to make the books here)

Lastly, the set comes with two pairs of dangle earrings and one pair of studs.  
I love the detail on these blue feathery, metal earrings.  The blue studs look like real gemstones.

These golden earrings are great for fancy occasions.  Overall ratings.  
Poncho Purchase with Purchase: 4.5 Stars
Saige's (MY) Tunic Outfit: 5 Stars
Molly's Skates and Muffs: 5 Stars
Saige's (MY) Accessories: 3 Stars

Cyber Monday (tomorrow):

I recently discovered start from 2 a.m. Eastern time.
If you want to get some good sale items, make sure you're up bright and early!
Remember, once we get 15 followers we'll have an AWESOME giveaway!  
Four more followers to go!

                                                                                 In a while!!

                                                                                         Aliah and Saige
P.S. June, Josefina and Summer are already asleep!


  1. Saige is looking great and ready for some fun wither sports.

  2. I wanted Molly's skates but they sold out online and I don't live near an American Girl store! :(

    1. I'm sorry about that. Maybe you could get them on ebay, or you could get the MAG 2-in-1 ice skating set. :) And remember, please follow me so I can have a giveaway!! Thanks,


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