Hiya everyone!! It snowed yesterday, but I was not able to take any pics. I'm so sorry! Anyways, I was able to take some pics today, however it is very ICY!!!

There were still green leaves. They all froze!!

All the icicles on the trees....

"Yum!! I love sucking on ice!!"

A frozen tree.

We have a crab apple tree and there were still crab apples on it!! All frozen over now.

I love this bush. It looked so nice with the green leaves and red berries frozen over.

Another frozen bush...

There was so much ice, some HUGE branches and trees actually fell!! This is a branch at my sister's house that fell. "Careful Saige, it's slippery!!"

Stay tuned for some wintry crafts and another episode of Cooking Girls!!

In a while!!

                     Aliah and Saige

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