How to Make a Infinity Scarf for Your Doll!


Hiya people!! Today I'm gonna teach you how to make your very 
own infinity scarf for your doll!

These scarves are all the fashion now and now you can
 make one for your doll too!

You will need: 

Two different colored yarns. Thick yarns work best. 
Your fingers

Make a slip knot.  

Put your thumb and index finger in the loop.
Ignore your tail. 
Now take the 2 pieces of yarn that are CONNECTED to
the skeins of yarn and put it through your loop.
It should create another loop.
Repeat this process until your scarf is long enough to wrap around
your doll's neck at least twice.

I made my scarf 2 ft 3 in.

Once you have your desired length, make your loop big enough 
to fit 4 fingers. Now take your scissors and cut the yarn 
leaving at least 4 in of tail.

Put your new tail through your loop
and pull it until it forms a knot.

To make it an infinity scarf tie the 2 knots from either
end together.


And you're done!!! Adorable right?

Saige loves her new infinity scarf. 
(Lol I kinda did a mini photo shoot).

It keeps her neck nice and warm, but it's also fashionable!

Here is a sneak peak of my next post!
What do you think it will be?

Hope you enjoyed this post!! 
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In a while!!

         Aliah and Saige

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I love infinity scarves:-)


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