My First Giveaway!!!!


Happy New Years everyone!!! In celebration of our new year, I will be having my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! I wanted to post this on New Years Eve, but unfortunately I did not have enough time. :( However, I am going to try and have a giveaway every month!! Also, tomorrow I will post about what I think about Girl of the Year 2014, ISABELLE!!!!!

You will be winning a Saige T-shirt!!!!!
Isn't it adorable? 

I bought 2, so you will receive your very own BRAND NEW unopened Saige T-shirt!!! 
You can use it for soooo many things!!!

It's great for taking a relaxing walk.......

Or chilling in your room reading a book.
Whatever you use it for, I promise this T-shirt will be great!!!!

How to enter:

1. You must have your parents/guardian's permission because you have to give
me your address if you win.
2. You must be a follower.
3. Comment down below telling me your favorite thing about having Saige as GOTY 2013.
4. For extra points, you can share this giveaway on your own blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest.
Just comment telling me where you have shared, and you will receive an extra point for each. :)

Giveaway ends Friday, January 10th 2014.
I can only ship to the U.S. and Canada.
Winner will be selected by
Thank you for entering and GOOD LUCK!!!!

In a while!!

        Aliah, Saige, Summer, Josefina, and June


  1. I have my parents permission
    I would like to enter
    I loved that Saige was so artistic and she loved horses! Just like me!!!

    1. I posted on my blog:

  2. I'd like to enter, please.
    My favorite Saige memory...I loved that she was from New Mexico. We had a friend living there at the time of Sage's release who sent us information about special type of horses mentioned and her own pictures from previous balloon fests.
    I'll be posting about this on our blog soon. :)

    1. Posted on the blog:

  3. My favorite thing about Saige is her hair! I absolutely love the auburn color and the curls are too cute! I'll try to find time to post about this giveaway on my blog I have permission. I'm a follower. Great blog!

    1. Thank you so much for entering! I am going to enter your giveaway soon! :)

  4. Cool! My favorite thing about Saige is her sweater outfit, it's so cute! (I don't have it...) :)
    I have permission!

  5. I'd like to enter! My favorite thing about Saige was her hair! I loved the soft, springy ringlets, and the gorgeous color that reminded me of a crisp fall day in Canada. I follow you and have permission.

  6. Pinned it here:
    Facebooked it here:
    Blogged it here:

  7. I love that Saige is artistic and loves horses, just like me!!! I should have gotten her. :( But I still love my other dollies. :)

  8. I love Saige's sweater outfit, and I really wanted to get it but I couldn't. I have my parents permission to enter.

    I shared:

  9. I am sorry but I do not think you are a public follower. If you would like your entry to be counted, please become a public follower of dream, dress, and play. Thank you!

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  11. Hello, I would love to enter you giveaway. The reason I really liked Saige was because many can enjoy and relate to her story. Another reason I liked Saige was because her Big auburn loose wavy curls and turquoise eyes

    Blog Post about giveaway:


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