What We Think About GOTY 2014 Isabelle!!!


Hiya people!!!!! Saige here, and since I was previous GOTY I get the honor to do a post on what we think about GOTY 2014 Isabelle and her collection!! Let's get started!!!

First off, ISABELLE!!! ($120) She is really cute, but in my opinion she looks alot 
like McKenna with lighter hair. Her highlights are nice, but you have to pay an 
extra $10 for it!!! I came with a ring AND pierced ears, 
and I was only $110!!!!
4 1/2 star rating.

Starter collection $259-$273

A bit over priced, Overall a 3 star rating.
Isabelle's Accessories $30

I am not a huge fan of the jacket, but I adore everything else. It should be
 around $28 though.
4 star rating

Isabelle's Pajamas $24

The pants and shoes are okay, but the top and headband are really cute, although the 
headband doesn't really match the outfit. 
3 1/2 star rating

Isabelle's Studio $275

I love the pieces, and it's a bit cheaper than Caroline's Parlor.
5 star rating

Isabelle's Preformance Set $38

I'm not a huge fan of black and gold together. The shoes are a bit odd because they don't match the outfit since they're silver and the outfit is black and gold, but the tiara is nice. The corsage and wristband are okay.
3 star rating

Isabelle's Metallic Dress $34

The dress, belt, and shoes are really cute but what is going on 
with the leggings? They should lower the price to around $30.
4 star rating

Isabelle's Dance Barre and Case $44 - 109

The water bottle and shoes are really cute, but her dance case is 
a bit over priced.
4 star rating

Isabelle's Kitten $22

Tutu is to cute, although her price needs to be lowered. $18 would be better.
4 1/4 star rating

Isabelle's Coral Sweater $14

I am in love!!!! The price could be $12 though.
4 3/4 star rating

Isabelle's Rosette Leotard $10

This is cute AND it has a good price!!
5 star rating

Isabelle's Wrap Sweater For Dolls $14

To cute!!! But it should be $10.
4 star rating

In general, I feel American Girl prices are going up.  If the Company would be willing to make a little bit less of a profit, they could make the dolls more accessible to other girls.  

There will be a part 2 tomorrow with the rest of Isabelle's stuff and the new MAG things. Is it just me, or do all of the other GOTY's  have waaaaay more stuff than I did? Don't forget to enter our giveaway! Click here to see the giveaway!
Look out for another Cooking Girls episode coming this weekend!!
That's it for now!!!

In a while!!

             Aliah and Saige


  1. Isabelle is really pretty. You mentioned her reminding you of McKenna; others say she looks like Lanie.
    I agree that the prices seem to be getting higher and higher at AG - not a good thing.
    There is something we don't know about her performance outfit (the black, gold, and silver). I bet there is something really cool about it in the books. Can't wait to read them.

    1. Yes, I am waiting for the books to come from the library!
      :) Can't wait!

    2. Was bummed my local bookstore did not have them today. Will have to head to Barnes & Noble instead. Did get 3 other AG books though. :)

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