What We Think About GOTY 2014 Isabelle!! Part 2


Hiya everyone! It's Saige again and here is part 2 of What We Think About GOTY 2014 Isabelle and also the new MAG stuff. :) Let's get started!

Isabelle's Purple Leotard $12

This is adollable with the gold sparkle mesh and all,
but it could be $10 just like her Rosette Leotard.
4 1/2 star rating

Isabelle's Practice Top $8

The colors are nice together, but I am just not a big fan of this kinda style. 
It is a good price though.
3 1/2 star rating

Isabelle's Dance Skirt For Dolls $12

I never thought I'd say this, but I think there is a little bit too much sparkle. And the price needs to be lowered to $10.
The design is really cute though.
4 star rating

Isabelle's Funky Leggings For Dolls $12

These are nice but I just don't like the ribbon on the right leg.
 Should be $10.
3 1/2 star rating

Isabelle's Sparkly Skort For Dolls $12

I'd prefer the skort plain because I don't really like the print.
I think you guys all know what I am going to say. 
The price should be $10.
4 star rating

Isabelle's Scrunch Pants For Dolls $12

Really cute but the price should be $10.
4 1/2 star rating

Isabelle's Tutu $12

This is adollable and it really matches with her Rosette Leotard.
It's worth $10 though.
4 1/2 star rating

Isabelle's Legwarmers Set for Dolls $12

So cute!! I think getting it would be totally worth it!! 
5 star rating!

And now for the new MAG stuff!!!

Pretty Pink Outfit For Dolls + Charm $28

I like the dress, but instead of all the LOVE stuff on the front, it could be a nice big heart.
I adore the pink sandals! They match beautifully with the outfit and would also be great for mixing and matching! The bracelet is a nice finishing touch. 
This outfit has a decent price for American Girl.
4 3/4 star rating

Friends Are Sweet Set $20

All the items are super cute especially the balloon, 
but I feel like something is missing.
Don't you think AG could have done a bit better on this set?
Okay price.
3 star rating

Heart Tank And Brief Set $12

I've never really liked the Tank And Brief sets very much, 
and I think AG could have come out with something better.
I'm not to fond of the print either. 
Okay price.
2 star rating

Pink Tank And Brief Set $12

This print is a bit better, but I still think AG could have come out with something 
better than a new Tank And Brief Set.
Okay price.
3 star rating

Tennis Outfit For Dolls + Charm $38

I personally prefer the old tennis outfit (you can check it out here).
The balls and shoes are really detailed though.
3 star rating

Platform Sandals $14

These are really cute, but I'm not sure they would match with too many outfits.
I think they are worth $10
3 1/2 star rating

Canvas Shoes $14

These are really cute! They'd be great for casual occasions and would match with a lot of things!
I wish I had a pair for myself!
I think they are worth $10 though.
4 1/2 star rating

Turquoise Glasses $10

I've never been a big fan of AG's glasses.
These seem a bit to bright and I feel like they wouldn't match with too many things.
The price is okay.
AG could have done a better job.
2 star rating

Lime Glasses $10

These are a bit better than the Turquoise Glasses
because they are a bit lighter and would match better with other things.
But I feel like they are too wide; they remind me of the big old-fashioned glasses that people used to wear.
The price is okay.
Again, I feel that AG could have released something better.
2 star rating

Rosy Glasses $10

The color of these glasses are way better than the other glasses that came out. It would match waaaaay better with outfits. But is it just me or is the shape kinda funky?
The price is okay.
Once again, I think AG could have done a better job on the new releases. 

Charm-Keeper Necklace For Dolls $6

It's nice that they now sell this separately from the MAG dolls, 
but I think its worth $4-6.
4 star rating

In these posts I've tried to think about how AG could improve the design of its products and sell them at more reasonable prices. 

Well, that's it for now! Look out for a new Cooking Girls episode 
and a craft later this week.
If you have any opinions on the new releases please comment! 
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In a while!! 

                      Aliah and Saige

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