The Day My Little Brother Almost Drowned


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I have recently completed this short story so I thought I might share it with you. :)

The Day My Little Brother 
Almost Drowned 

It was a sweltering August afternoon, and Sierra, Melody and I just couldn't 
wait to cross over to the beach for a swim. 
"Toby hurry up!" I called from the back door. Toby, my little brother, always took FOREVER to get ready. First he had to get his sunscreen, and then his towel, and his sunglasses- 
I mean, honestly, does a 5 year-old boy REALLY need sunglasses? 
"Toby, we're leaving without you!"  I said.
Just then, Toby appeared, racing out the back door.
"I'm here!" He cried, breathless. 
"Finally," Sierra muttered,
Toby glared pointedly at her.
We all set down the path that led to the beach.
Since our summer home was right outside Miami Beach, it only took us about 5 minutes to get there.
As soon as we arrived, Toby  bolted down the scorching hill of sand to the water.
Melody raced him to the water.
"C'mon Ally!" Sierra cried. "Watcha waitin' for?"
She set down the hill, leaping up every few seconds to escape the burning sand.
I quickly followed her.
We laughed and splashed around for awhile, then moved in deeper to jump some waves.
Toby followed us.
"Toby!" I yelled over the roaring waves. "Don't come here! It's too deep for you!"
Just then, a huge wave came crashing down on us.
"Watch out!!!" Sierra shrieked. 
I managed to jump up in time, but Toby didn't. 
"Toby!!" I hollered. "Where are you!!?"
Melody, a fast swimmer, had already made it to the shore. She tossed Sierra 
and I our goggles, put on her own, then dived back in the water.
I leaped out of the water, snatching the goggles in mid-air. 
Great minds think alike, I thought as I threw on my goggles. 
Sierra and I plunged into the cool, refreshing water.
I searched desperately for Toby.
Then I suddenly saw Melody frantically pointing to the top.
Had she run out of breath? No, Melody was a talented swimmer, and could hold her 
breath for as long as 3 minutes.
What was wrong? 
As I burst through the surface, Melody said, "I found him! C'mon!"
Then we quickly dropped back under.
I quickly followed Melody to Toby.
Then I saw him, with red cheeks, fighting against the current to re-surface.
Melody and I quickly picked him up and carried him to the top.
Suddenly, Sierra was there helping us. 
We re-surfaced, and threw a towel over Toby.
After we got back home, he had a glass of cool lemonade and went to bed.
We didn't go back to the beach for a long time after that.

Please note: This short story is based on an experience and I incorporated into a fictional
character's point of view. This story was written by me and it is copyrighted.  That means YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE IT AND CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN!!! If you wish to put this story on your blog DO NOT DO SO WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!! Thank you.

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If you guys enjoyed this, I am planing to make a series. Any name suggestions?
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  1. I like it! You should make a series. I would call it: "The Adventures of 3 Girls". Great job!


  2. I liked the story!!! I think a series would be a great idea:-)

  3. Wow! That was a really good story! I could feel for the characters and can also (somewhat) relate.


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