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Hullo people! This post is for all of the writers out there (just like me!). This activity helps with your ability to describe this in your writing. :) I myself recently did it, and it's really fun to do so I thought I might share it with you. :) Even if you do write regularly I highly encourage you to try this!
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A Writing Activity 
For Young Authors

You will need:

An Apple
A Pencil
And Your Writer's Notebook
(you can even use a piece of paper if you don't have a writer's notebook:)

Simply take your apple and place it in front of you.
Write down words that describe the apple.
Remember, ONLY use your sense of SIGHT!!
What I wrote down:
Brown, Stem, Red, Shiny, Light, Polka-Dots,
Round/Oval Shaped,  Lines, Hole, Center, And White.

Now hold the apple and write down all
the words that describe what you feel.
Use ONLY your sense of touch.
What I wrote down:
Smooth, Cold, Rough, And Lumpy.

Next take your apple and cut it open. 
Smell it. Write down words that described what you smelled.
What I wrote down:
Sweet, And Fragrance.

Take your apple and bite into it.
However do not focus on what it tastes like.
Use your sense of hearing.
What I wrote down:
Crunch. LOL

Last but not least, bite your apple again, 
but use your sense of taste.
 What I wrote down:
Sweet, Apples, Moist, Juicy, And Chunky.

As I said before, this helps with describing things,
and also helps you understand how important the use of adjectives is in your story.
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Thank you so much.
I hope you enjoyed!

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