A Chinese Dinner


Hello people! 
I've been studying about the silk road, and I decided to cook some Chinese food to go along with it. (Because, you know, the silk road went through China, so ya.)
Anyways, this was my first full meal. (I mean cooking wise. :) 
It's funny because you'd think the first meal I'd cook would be Iranian or Cuban or even American.
But no, it was Chinese. LOL. I bet people are going to tease me about that.
I really like sweet and sour chicken, so that's what I decided to make.
Sweet and sour chicken, sticky rice, and egg rolls. 
It actually turned out better than I expected. 
And because I was soooo excited, I invited my sister and her husband over without my mom
knowing. LOL. (That was a hilarious story; I should tell it to you sometime.)
Anywho, anyhow, anyway, enough with my ramblings and let's get on to the pictures!

Here was our table. We tried to make it kind of Chinese themed. We used a fancy silkish table cloth,
because the Chinese invented silk. We also used china because china for China
you get the message.

We also had this imitation Chinese lacquer ware. We took it apart and used one piece as  
 a centerpiece.  

We had green tea in Chinese style cups and fortune cookies for, well
I guess you could call it dessert.
We used the remaining two pieces of the box. 

Close up of the fortune cookies.
 Sorry it's blurry.

Close up of the empty tea cups.

Here are our un-fried egg rolls.

We also bought chopsticks for everyone.

Frying our egg rolls.

Our sticky rice (as I call it. :)

Green tea.

And the Sweet and Sour chicken in the oven!

Our egg roll appetizers with duck sauce. 

The table with all the food on it.

The finished Sweet and Sour chicken. We made two of these platters. 

The rice.
I wish I could have shown you what the table looked like after we were done.
(I kind of forgot to take the pictures. He He.)
There was only a little bit of rice left and only about 3 pieces left from both of the 
Sweet and Sour platters.
The recipes I used were:

The recipe for the rice was in a book.

Side Notes:

1. I did not use pork in the egg roll.
2. DO NOT question the Sweet and Sour chicken. I know it seems like it's cooking
for too long, but trust me, it's not. My mom wanted to alter the recipe, but I convinced her not to,
and man, did it turn out good.
Thank you for reading!
In a while!! 

 photo rect5723_zpsd0a718e6.png

P.S. I will not be posting about AG dolls for a little while because I loaned them to a friend.
Thank you for understanding. :) I will still be doing Mini Monday though. :)


  1. I love Chinese food. Good job! Looks super tasty! Very nicely done. I love using chopsticks and always ask for them when out. I do have a pair at work for when I bring in leftovers and I have four pair at home.

    1. Thank you so much! I have a pair of resuable chopsticks too, but I decided to use the same as everyone else. :) Some of my family members cheated and only used their spoons and forks!

  2. OMG Aliah, I want this food now!!!

    1. Hanieh, come on over ad I'll make you some. :)


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