A Tour Of My Doll Wardrobe


Hello readers! Today I am here to give you a quick tour of my doll wardrobe! 
So let's get started!

Here is a quick overview of the wardrobe. I got it from Home Goods a while
back for around $40

When you first open of the doors this is what you see.
I have a few dresses and jackets hanging up here.
The empty hanger on the left is from the American Girl "Sweet Dreams Pj's. "
The next 2 hangers are from Springfield Collection.
Unfortunately they are slightly smaller than required size for hangers but they still fit.
The purple one is from an outfit my sister gave me a while ago and the last
2 are from the same Springfield Collection set.

First off I have this hoodie from the American Girl "Ruffled Hoodie" outfit.

I also have this poncho from the American Girl PWP Christmas special.

I have Isabelle's Metallic dress,

Saige's meet outfit dress,

And last but not least this adorable dress I got in a Ikea set for less than $10!

Opening up the bottom drawer I have stored several pairs of shoes 
and some accessories. 

At the top I have some boots and an American Girl shoe box.

It has Molly's retired ice skates in them. ;) 
(They do not come in this box though.)

That was it! Do your dolls have a wardrobe?
I hope you enjoyed!

In a while!!
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