A Review On Isabelle's Coral Sweater And Metallic Dress


Hei kaveri nukke ystäville! (Hello fellow doll lovers! Finnish.)
I promised you guys I would do a review on Isabelle's Coral Sweater and her 
Metallic Dress a while back, but I never did. 
Anyways, here is the review!
Isabelle will be doing the review on her Coral Sweater, and I will be doing the review 
on her Metallic Dress. Passing it on to Izzy.

"Hei! (Hello!) I will be doing a review on my Coral Sweater!

It is made out of really nice coral knit fabric, but the fabric sticks to itself
for some reason, which is really weird. 

I absolutely LOVE the thumb holes! They keep my hands warm, 
and they are really cute also. 

I am in love with the diagonal hem line!

It has nice Velcro, but it doesn't go all the way down.
I never understood why American Girl can't extend the Velcro a little bit?
I mean honestly, will it really cost that much more?

However, you must be careful because the sweater snags easily.

Unfortunately, the sweater is a little bit see through.
You can see I am not wearing the T-shirt underneath. 

Hei kaikille! (Hello everyone!) I am here to do a review on 
Isabelle's Metallic Dress.

The outfit is really nice, but personally think that the leggings look
hideous with the outfit. 
Maybe AG was trying to pop out the outfit, 
but the leggings don't match at all!
The theme colors are gold and coral. Just NO.
I think the outfit looks a lot better without the leggings.
They are nice though. 

I LOVE the gold mesh on the sleeve.

It is really unique that they only put the gold mesh on one sleeve.

The belt is really nice and matches with the outfit, but is a little
difficult to put on. It gets easier with practice though.

I also really like the drawstring on the t-dress just under the belt.

The shoes are nice and match perfectly with the belt, but are also a 
little difficult to put on. 

Velcro on the back. As usual, it doesn't go all
the way down.

Do you see how much nicer the outfit looks 
without the leggings?

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned tomorrow for Mini-Monday.

In a while!!
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