A Hidden Talent


What's up peeps? Today I had quite a scare. I really surprised myself.
Let me tell you about it.....

It all started when I passed by Isabelle's room when I was going outside 
to practice my soccer. Saige was helping Isabelle
choose outfits and hairstyles for her trip to Gettysburg, (more on that later)
and it looked  like she was having a hard time. 

"Your hair is so slippery! Saige cried. 
"Well, it's not my fault you're used to curly hair." Isabelle retorted.

Believe it or not, I decided I wanted to try and do Isabelle's hair. 
So, I stepped forward from my hiding place and said: "Can I try?"

Both Saige and Isabelle looked at me in utter amazement.
"You?"Isabelle asked. "You always thought that doing hair and clothes were silly.
You'd much rather play soccer or tennis."
"And besides," Saige said. "How would you know how to do any hairstyle besides a ponytail?"
I blushed. "I've watched a few tutorials on Youtube."

Saige stepped aside to let me have a go on Isabelle's silky hair.

I could tell that Saige had been trying to do a french waterfall twist, 
one of my favorite hairstyles.
I set to work. It was actually pretty easy, but maybe that's because I haven't
gotten used to any type of hair yet.

Once I was done, I finished it off with a white decorative flower.

Isabelle looked pleased with the hairstyle and even Saige was impressed.
"Well Summer," she said. "Looks like you've discovered a hidden talent for hair-styling."

"Thanks Summer." Isabelle said, hugging me. "Your the best."

In a while!!

P.S. Sorry about the blurry pictures. Our camera was not cooperating.


  1. Great way to lend a hand! Love how Isabelle's hair turned out too. You have some great skills!

    1. Thank you! Isabelle loved it too. :) I've been watching more videos on youtube and I am improving my skills by practicing on Izzy's doll, Marie-Grace. :)


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