The Mint Disaster


Hello everyone! How has your day been going? It was really pretty outside, so I 
decided to take a walk. 

When I came back, I saw June tending to her mint plants. She was really hot
and sweaty, and looked she needed some help.  
Weeding isn't my favorite thing to do, but I wouldn't mind helping June for a little while.

"June!" I called. "Do you need some help?"
She turned, and looked a little relieved to see me. "Oh, yes please!"

 I sat down beside her, and she showed me which plants to pull up and 
which ones not to. 

We chit-chatted while we worked, which was great because I hadn't had 
much sisterly with June since I had joined the family. She was always busy volunteering
at nature centers and planting flowers and herbs. We were having such a 
great time that I stopped paying attention to which plant I was pulling up!

 Believe it or not, I started pulling up June's mint!

After a while, June noticed what I was doing. 
"Isabelle!" she cried. "Stop! You're pulling up the mint!"
I stopped and looked down at the mint plant that I was about to deposit
into my weed pile that was now more mint than weed.  

"Oh my goodness!" I exclaimed. "June, I am so sorry! I'll buy you some new 
mint plants. I am so sorry. I know how hard you worked to
keep them healthy."

"That's all right Izzy," June said. "Mint is easy to tend and grows 
back quickly. And besides, I was thinking of picking some anyways. 
Come on, I have an idea with what to do with them."

And so we walked back to the house, taking all the mint I had picked with us.


Do you like to garden?
In a while!!


  1. I don't like to weed either, but weeding with someone is fun.
    I am surprised June didn't notice sooner by the smell.
    Are you going to make tea? :-)

  2. Love it! Nicely done. :) Good job!!



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