A Minty Picnic


Hiya! Remember yesterday when Isabelle posted about the "Mint Disaster"? 
(If you haven't seen it, click here.
I bet y'all are wondering about what
we did with the mint that Isabelle accidentally pulled up.Well, read on to find out!

10 minutes later, we emerged from the house. I carried a pitcher of mint lemonade
and some cookies. Izzy had the cups. We posed for a picture.
I decided to balance the cookies on my head. LOL.

"See if you can find a nice spot to settle down." I said to Izzy.

We looked around for a little while until Izzy called: "I found a great place!"
I followed her to a grassy spot under a tree. 

"This is great!" I said. We settled down and had our
 mint lemonade and cookies.

Our mint lemonade. :)

We laid down on our backs and gazed up at the beautiful clear sky.

Both Izzy and I had a great time. 
What do you like to do on a picnic?

In a while!!

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  1. I love picnics. Lemonade is my favorite drink and bbq chicken is my favorite food. Game wise horse shoes, volley ball, and bean bag toss are my favorites.


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