Mini-Monday Make-Up: Daisychainsdoll Etsy Package Review


Longtime no see! Since yesterday was Monday, (aka) Mini-Monday,
I was planning to do a review post on some Etsy items (one of which is for mini Marie-Grace),
but, as usual, my schedule got in the way. I totally forgot that we were going to have
a super busy day, and left my blog post for later in the day. (I had to do a whole bunch of work
anyway, so why not get it over with?) Turns out, we leave the house right after 
eating lunch, which just happened to be the time that I wanted to do this review.
 We didn't get home till around almost 10:00 o'clock at night, so that's why I wasn't
able to do this review. Enough with all this nonsense; I'm sure you don't
want to hear a detailed description of my day yesterday.

Daisychainsdoll  Package Review

 I ordered a package from Daisychainsdoll and it recently arrived, and since it enclosed
 something for mini Marie-Grace, I decided to do a review on it for Mini-Monday.
I opened this while I was in the car, so these pictures may not be the
best quality. : /

Christina's packaging was very cute, and I almost didn't open it because
I didn't want to ruin the pretty packaging. :)

A free mini bracelet for the 18" dolls was included, and came in this 
adorable drawstring bag.

These are the two matching dresses. One for Isabelle, and one for 
her doll, mini Marie-Grace. Everything was just too cute. :)

This is the dress for mini Marie-Grace. It has a small
piece of Velcro on the back. Isn't it adorable?

And here is the dress for Isabelle. The only difference between the two dresses 
is the size. Too cute!!

 The straps have Velcro on the back
so you can attach them to the dress.

Here is everything together.

Isabelle will soon post a photoshoot she and mini Marie-Grace did.
We also have another review coming up! Thank you for reading!

In a while!!
 photo rect5723_zpsd0a718e6.png

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