Gettysburg Plans Changed


Right so, remember when Summer mentioned that Isabelle is going to Gettysburg
in A Hidden Talent? Well, we originally going white water rafting and touring 
Gettysburg, but out plans have changed. We are still going white 
water rafting, but we are no longer going to tour Gettysburg.
Instead, we're going to.......
I am so excited, because I have literally not been to the beach for 2 years.
We've had plans to go, but for some reason, they always got cancelled. :)

I just wanted to let you guys know, because Summer had said earlier
that I was going to Gettysburg and I didn't want you people to get confused. :)

I will try to have a post up by the end if the week. So sorry, be we are still having problems 
with our camera. See ya later. :)

In a while!! 
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