A Day In The Park


Hello! It's Saige. Today June and I took a trip to a nearby
park, and we though we might share the pictures we took with all you
 lovely readers. :)

Once we got to the park, June and I saw a small trail, and we 
thought we might follow it. :)

It wasn't too long, and we had to turn back rather quickly,
but it was worth it; with all the pretty flowers and trees.

On the way back to the nature center, June suddenly cried out.
"My hair got caught to the clasp of my necklace!" She said. "Can you undo it Saige?"
"Of course," I said. 
While I was fixing her hair, June noticed something.
"Look Saige," she murmured. "It's a creek. Isn't it beautiful?"
I finished undoing her hair. "Yes, it is," I said. "I can't believe we missed it before!"

We moved closer and listened to the water splashing around on the rocks.
It really was beautiful.

Suddenly, I had an idea. 
I quickly scrambled up on a rock, and I could see the end of the creek.
"C'mon June!" I cried. "The view is amazing!"
"Oh, no." Said June. "It's too dangerous. My friend Abigail once fell from a 
rock and broke her wrist."

So we continued walking; me on the rocks, and June on the ground.

Near the end, we spotted a few fish. I'm not exactly sure what type they were,
but they were still very pretty. They were different shades of red and orange, and one
even had a few spots of the most brilliant copper color.

After spending some time with the fish, we headed back.
Right near the nature center there was this cute little garden of different of small flowers.

June leaned in to smell some. 
"They don't have a scent," she laughed.

June has always talked about how beautiful nature is, but I never really
payed attention to it. Now I see what she meant. I'd definitely
like to come back here someday. Thank you for reading!

In a while!! 


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