The Sweet Aroma of Fresh Baked Bread


Let's face it; we all can't resist fresh baked bread; especially homemade bread. A few days ago, my lovely mother had the idea of baking some bread as we had done it a few times in the past and had enjoyed it so very much. So, we spent the rest of the day kneading, watching the bread rise, and wishing the bread was ready. We both snapped a few pictures along the way, and I thought I would share them with you so you could follow our progress. :)

This is the dough right before we began to knead it.

Flour on the table. My mom took this one. :)

Us being silly. Hehe.

We took turns kneading the bread. This is my mom...

...and this is me. :)

I love this picture. My mom took this one. :)

We had to bake the bread in a very heavy cast iron pot. 
This is the bread once it was done.

Closeup. That's my dad in the background. ;)

The bread was finished by the end of the night. Aaahhh. I can still taste the deliciousness.  

 photo rect5723_zpsd0a718e6.png


  1. Mm... I love fresh baked bread! My Mom used to always make it. It's the best with butter!
    Leah <3

  2. Freshly baked bread is the absolute best! :)

  3. mmmm, yum. How dare you make my stomach rumble? ;)



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