Changes Filled With Questions


Hello all.
I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately; on my blog, or anyone else's. School is finishing up, and I'm rushing to get everything done before the beginning of June (my own personal deadline). 

Anyways, I recently got to thinking, "I wonder if I should change my blog name..." Now, I bet all of you just let out a ton of exasperated sighs, because you're probably wondering: "she's been blogging on this blog for nearly two years, and she still hasn't decided on a name? When is she going to pick the final one?"  
The truth is, I don't know. Every time I pick change my name, I feel happy and content, knowing  (or wishing) I'd found the perfect name for my blog, and all would be well.
But, after a while, I start to feel restless, and I look at all the those beautiful and amazing blogs out there, with the most wonderful and delightful names that truly reflect them and their work, and I think: "what does the name of my blog mean?" 
My blog has never had a name that actually has a meaning or story behind it. No matter how many times I come up with different names, that always seems to be the case.
And that's something I want. I want the name of my blog to reflect me, and have a meaning that means something to me.

Since you are my readers, and since you are the only people I have to please, I want to know your opinion. Should I change my name? Or should I keep the current one I have.
If I do change it, I'd like to change it to Indigo.
Wanna know why?

Indigo is the color of the rainbow that everybody always forgets and leaves out. It's always been kind of invisible; hidden in the shadows. I am a person who has always had a part of her in the shadows, hidden away. That is why I feel that the name Indigo reflects me. It's unique.

What do you think?


  1. Name changes are so hard... but whatever happens, I'll support you. I love Indigo, and I totally agree that it is very much under appreciated. :( Good luck with the end of the school year!

    xoxo Morning

  2. I like Indigo. Its special and deep. But no more changing after that!! :)

  3. Have fun with the end of the school year! Indigo's a great name! My own blog name needs to be changed, but I never get around to it ^-^ Anyways, I'll support you whatever you do!


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