Three Words


I miss her.
She was the
Keeper of all my
She comforted me
When the salt tears
Fell from my cheeks.
She was my best
And now that she is
No longer here,
My heart feels like
It was ripped from
My chest and broken
In two.
My mind swirls from
The pain and grief.
A hurt so deep
That tears no longer
Fall from my
Swollen eyes.
There is nobody 
There to stroke my hair,
And to tell me it's
Going to be alright.
Because I know
It's not going to be.
I am still confused. 
Wondering how
All this 
Could have happened.
She was here one moment,
And gone the next.
Not even having enough
To say goodbye.
There are only
Three words that
Can describe how I feel.
Simple and powerful.
They can make me 
begin to cry all over
Three words.
I miss her.
She was my best
My sister.
And I miss her.

-Side note: As you can see, I decided to change my blog name to Splashes of Indigo. I really like it, and I hope you do too. I am awaiting a few changes to be made on my design, color wise. Adieu. 


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