The MagNeoBio Award!


Salutations! I was nominated for the MagNeoBio award by Jessica from Jessica's Journal.
Thank you Jessica!

The questions she asked for this award were also asked for her Leibster award which I 
already answered so I will just be answering the original questions
that Juliet XD asked. 

Take the badge
Answer the questions given by your nominator
Nominate 10 people with less than 35 followers
Give them 10 questions

Now for the questions:

1. What do you think of this award?
I love it! Blogs that are just starting out don't usually get nominated for
awards so I think this is a great opportunity for newer bloggers. 
2. How many blogs do you follow?
24. Lol, yes I did count.
3. How many followers do you have?
25. Yes, I know my follower gadget says 27 but it is actually 25.
4. Have you ever been the first to follow a Magneo (great new) blog?
Nope. The closest I've been is #8
5. Forest or beach?
Forest. I've always liked climbing trees and settling down to read on the 
crunchy leaves. I do like going to the beach once in a while though.
6. Bugs or Arachnids?
Bugs. I can't stand spiders!
7. Favourite Disney movie?
Frozen and Tangled are tied!
8. Least favourite HC, personality-wise, in their books?
Julie Albright. 
9. Minute to Win it or Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
10. Mattel or Pleasant Co?
Mattel has more appealing dolls, but Pleasant Co had much nicer clothes, 
so I don't know!

My nominations:

Tea Time With Melody Q
Marissa AG 
The Redhead's Blog
The Adventures of Mckenna

My questions:

1. How many followers do you have?
2. Goals for you or your blog?
3. Favorite classic novel? 
4. Youtube or Blogger? Why?
5. Your favorite doll that you do not have?
6. Do you have a pet? If you do not, tell me what pet 
you would want to have.
7. What dolls do you have? 
8. If you could paint the world one color, what would it be?
9. Flats or gym shoes? Why?
10. How is your day going?

Thank you for reading!

In a while!!
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