Summer Giveaway/Review with MayDesigns


Hello everyone!  I recently discovered a fantastic shop which made custom notebooks, stationary, cards, and more. The more I explored, the more patterns, fonts, and monograms I discovered.
Wanting to share this with all of you, I partnered with MayDesigns in a sponsored giveaway and review! The MayDesigns team kindly provided me with a custom made notebook that I was able to design myself to share with all of you! And, the best part is that the winner of this giveaway will get to design their own MayDesigns notebook completely free of charge!

For my maybook, I went with the Burst of Blue pattern from the Floral Splash collection with a pear green monogram.
MayDesigns had so many options for the inside of your maybook, but I chose the Health and Fitness Journal so I can keep track of my eating patterns this summer. :)

Each maybook has a hand-sewn spine, which makes the whole book completely recyclable.  

I am in love with the inside pages of the Health and Fitness Journal. They are very nicely detailed and are great for organizing your notes on eating a healthy diet.

The only thing that bothers me about the maybooks is the paper they used for the covers of the journals. The paper has little dots engraved into it, which in my opinion, gives the cover a plastic look. I do however, like the way the watercolor pattern was printed onto the paper. It makes it look like it was painted right onto there. 

Overall, I'd give this product a review of 4.5 out of 5 stars. All the choices for the notebooks are fantastic, and the fact that you can choose your own patterns and monograms for your maybook is great.  
If you are interested in designing and owning your own maybook, enter the giveaway where you could win your own MayDesigns notebook free of charge! 

Here's how:

Pop over to MayDesigns and design your own notebook, using any patterns and monograms you like. 
Then go ahead and share your custom design on Pinterest (you can pin your maybook by scrolling down to the very bottom of the page where you can customize your notebook [it's on the left hand side] ). 
Comment down below letting me know you entered and give me a link to your MayDesigns notebook so I can check it out!

The winner of this giveaway will be chosen randomly on Saturday, June 27th 2015. The giveaway ends on Friday, June 26th 2015 no later than 11:59 PM. 
There will be no extra ways to earn an entry for this giveaway, so everybody will have a fair chance of winning. 
To enter this giveaway, you must be a follower of Indigo. Please do not follow simply for the giveaway and then unfollow when it is over. Anyone who does this will be disqualified from future giveaways. 
Have fun looking through their website and considering ordering MayDesign books for yourself as well as friends and family. They make great gifts!
Good luck to you all! I look forward to seeing all your wonderful designs. :)


  1. Hello!!!!! I love your blog, and would love to enter this giveaway! Only, I don't have instagram. :( So could I just send you the picture somehow?

    1. You must have a Pinterest to enter the giveaway, but if you do not have an account, emailing the photo to the contact address at the bottom of my blog ( would be fine. :)

    2. Oh thank you so much Aliah! You mean I can still enter the giveaway if I email you the photo?
      Thank you so much! I will create it soon and then send it to you. :)

      Love in Christ,

  2. I sent you an email Aliah. I changed the square on the front to something else, because I realized I hadn't changed it. :)

  3. May Design notebooks are so gorgeous; I would love to take part in this! Here's the link to my Pinterest board with the notebook I designed; it is the first Pin on the board :)

    xo, Emily

  4. I would like to enter this giveaway. I emailed you my picture. Thank you so much.


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